Removable Wallpaper Colorful Floral | Wallpaper, Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Wall mural, Removable Wallpaper, Self adhesive wallpaper #14 #graystripedwalls
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Removable Wallpaper Colorful Floral | Wallpaper, Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Wall mural, Removable Wallpaper, Self adhesive wallpaper #14 #graystripedwalls

Removable Wallpaper Vintage Colorful Nature #14 | Removable Wallpaper, Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Self-adhesive Wallpaper, Nursery Wallpaper Wallpaper - removable wallpaper - cladding material used for sticking internal walls in housing and public buildings, made of paper, fabric, leather

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Nowadays, decorative, sticked finish of the internal wall of the building, most often made of paper with a printed or embossed pattern, sold in rolls by default, the strip of removable wallpaper wallpaper is 53 cm wide and approx. 10 m long. The lifespan of the removable wallpaper ranges from a few to about 10 years. Depending on the type, the removable wallpapers not only decorate the interior, but also give the possibility to hide the unevenness and defects of the walls, silence and warm up the rooms, and also help to keep the walls clean. Types Classification of wallpapers due to the type of material: 1. Paper wallpaper - made entirely of duplex paper (multi-layer paper suitable for printing or refining). The least durable wallpaper, not resistant to moisture and dirt, recommended for less frequented rooms (eg bedrooms). 2. Vinyl Wallpaper - wallpapers in which the paper top layer is coated with foamed vinyl (polyvinyl chloride paste) or a thin foil made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride, which makes them more resistant to damage and dirt [2]. The surface of the wallpaper should be uniformly knurled, with a clearly embossed pattern on the surface. Depending on the type of vinyl and the technique of its application on paper, greater or lesser washability of the wallpaper is achieved. Some of them can be washed with water and detergents. 3. Flizelin wallpaper - the bottom layer is not paper, and nonwoven. Flizeline wallpapers are more durable than, for example, paper ones, in addition they can cover unevenness of walls up to 4 mm. They are in standard dimensions or twice as wide, or 1.06 m. 4. Relief wallpaper - consist of paper covered with a three-dimensional print. As a rule, they show high resistance to moisture and dirt, therefore they are recommended for the kitchen, etc. 5. Glass wallpaper - a special type of wallpapers made of glass fibers, where a fabric with different patterns is created in the process of weaving. The glass fabric is saturated with a special preparation that gives the so-called paper grip and protects the wallpaper from soaking with water. Wallpapers made of glass fibers are non-combustible, they can be painted and glued on any surface (concrete, gypsum board, metal, wood, etc.). They are used not only to decorate walls, but also to cover cracks and level out surface irregularities. 6. Wall Murals - a type of wallpaper (usually paper or felt), on which photographs are printed (often depicting landscapes, animals, people, etc.). Application Removable Wallpapers used for wallpaper works must meet the requirements of state standards or certificates allowing them to be used in construction. For glueing wallpaper should be used plant or synthetic adhesives, produced in the form of odorless powders, easily soluble in water. The temperature in the room in which the wallpaper works should be made should be at least +10 ° C. Removable Wallpapers adhere to a dry, smooth and cleaned substrate. The first step is to remove the remains of old removable wallpapers (if any), lumps of paint and other materials. Holes larger than 2 mm should be covered with a spatula and the surface covered with paint should be washed with detergent and water. Then the substrate should be primed with diluted glue. If the substrate is metal, it should be painted with an anticorrosion primer. Before proper gluing, an attempt should be made on a small area. The removable wallpaper is trimmed with scissors or a knife, always leaving a reserve of about 10 cm. The adhesive should be applied with a paint roller or a brush directly to the substrate. The laying techniques and types of used putty or adhesives vary depending on the type of removable wallpaper and surface. History Removable Wallpapers were known in Europe in the sixteenth century, and their significant development and dissemination took place in the eighteenth century, influenced by removable wallpapers imported from China. Initially, they were painted by hand, from around the middle of the eighteenth century patterns were removed from woodcut blocks. At the end of the century, machine printing was used. With the development of removable wallpaper production centers were created: in France and England (about the mid-eighteenth century), the Netherlands and Germany. The leading French manufactory was the Réveillon label in Paris, which was from 1786 a royal manufacture. Since the 18th century, removable wallpaper design has been done by renowned artists such as François Boucher, and then, for example, William Morris. Removable Wallpapers became popular in the 19th and 20th centurie. Now self adhesive wallpapering is popular all over the world, and thanks to improving the techniques of illustrated printing, you can produce removable wallpapers from many materials, representing any patterns and textures. // ■ Removable Wallpapers by Wall2Stick ■ Have not found the right size of removable wallpaper? You have nothing to worry about. Over 90% of our orders are custom! You can also change colors, just contact us. We’ll happy to help you! You do not know how to convert removable wallpaper dimensions from inches to cm? Below you will find a solution: 1 inch = 2,54 cm 100,39 inch height x 47,24 inch wide = 255cm height x 120cm wide Removable wallpapers by Wall2Stick - 10-year guarantee! You can sleep well and be sure that the removable wallpapers will always look beautiful if you buy in our store. We give you a 10-year guarantee! ■ MATERIAL ■ We’re using the best quality materials for your removable walllpaper: ● Self-adhesive premium easy stick material: microfibers allow the wall to breathe ● Easy to install and removable, easy to reposition if you want a correct position of wallpaper ● Safe for walls: no damage after removing ● Eco-friendly ink, non-toxic, safe for kids, allergy sufferers ● Washable ● Perfect for the kitchen (additional protective layer on request) ● Removable wallpaper can be installed on many surfaces ■ PACKAGE CONTENTS ■ ● Your Removable Wallpaper ● Free Sample to test your wall ● Installation guide of removable wallpaper ● Everything is packed in a super safe tube ■ SAMPLE ■ If you’re not sure about your wall you can order sample of removable wallpaper to test it. Remember that the samples are to test material and wall. Process of sample printing is different, which is why the colors may vary. That's why small differences can appear on the sample and the actual removable wallpaper. ■ OTHERS ■ The pictures are only demonstrative. Colors may vary depending on the monitor you are using. Before you order your removable wallpaper check our Instruction how to prepare your wall before you stick removable wallpaper: Please make sure that your address is 100% correct and there are no mistakes. We are not responsible to re-ship your removable wallpaper if your address has changed from that on your account. More info about shipping, refunds, claims etc. you can find in our Terms and Conditions. Please read it before order:


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